8 Best Back Massagers in 2022

2022-04-02 03:29:12 By : Mr. Albert Jiang

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Get spa-quality relief at home.

While getting a professional back massage on a daily basis may sound like a dream come true, doing so is hardly practical—or affordable—for most people. But if you suffer from chronic back pain, or have found yourself with knots from sitting in your office chair all day, a massage may be just what you need to find relief.

Unlike in-person massages, massage tools are actually quite affordable, and can be an effective way to alleviate back pain. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and many have heat settings that can help relax and loosen muscles even more than pressure alone. Fortunately, there are tons of options for all kinds of budgets and physical needs—but that can also make choosing the right massager a bit difficult. To help you choose, we've picked the best back massagers on the market today.

When choosing a back massager, there are a few important things to consider in addition to budget. Among the most important of these is which body parts you'll be using your massager on, and whether or not you'll have someone to help you use it.

If you're looking strictly for a back massager, a chair or pad model—which you can lay or sit on—could be the perfect fit. If you want something that can be used on a wider range of body parts, a massage gun or other handheld option may be preferable, as these tools can work on multiple areas. Handheld massagers will take a bit more effort to use, however, and to get the most out of them—especially on your back—you will want to make sure you have someone who can help you get those hard-to-reach areas.

Also consider where you will be using the massager. If you only plan to use it in the comfort of your home, you can definitely invest in a larger model, but if you tend to travel a lot, or want to take it with you to races or the gym, you will want a much more compact and portable device.

Finally consider the functions of the massager. Most will either have a rotating device that gives a shiatsu-like effect, a vibration, or a motorized deep muscle treatment like in a massage gun. If you don't have a high pain tolerance, or simply prefer a lighter massage, you will definitely want to opt for a vibrating option. May will also have a heat element that can help relax and loosen the muscles, but if this is something that you want, make sure it is present in the model you choose.

To find the best options among the many back massagers out there, we researched the most popular models available and considered the price, design, features, and size. We looked at both expert reviews as well as more than 60,000 customer ratings, written by people who’ve bought these models on sites like Amazon, to settle on the back massagers you'll find below.

While this massager may look as if it is made for the lower back exclusively, it can actually work for the legs, neck, and anything else you can stick on it. It has three speeds and two modes, including heated and dual rotation. It is also pretty affordable at only $33.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you may like this Back Buddy. It is designed to help you easily massage your own back, with round and pointed knobs, and less aggressive back nubs. The shape allows you to massage not only your back, but shoulders, feet, and legs as well.

For optimal full-body relaxation, try this heated massage mat. It has a super plush polyester cover and pillow that are soft against the skin, and 10 separate massage rollers that span the entire body. It has five massage modes, four selective massage zones, and three intensities as well as four targeted heating zones. It is also flexible so it can be used on the floor, in chairs, or on a bed.

Theragun is top of the game when it comes to massage guns, and while it does cost a pretty penny, it is worth it. This one comes with four different head attachments, a 120 minute battery life, and an ergonomic grip, which makes it easy to use on yourself or others. It also has varying levels of speed, which makes it great for use all over your body, and great for getting out tough back knots.

A more affordable option, this is a great gun if you don't need quite as much pressure, but want a handheld model with the option of multiple heads. It has 20 different speeds, and 10 head options as well as an ergonomic, silicon grip that makes it easy to hold.

This mini massager is perfect for sticking in a purse or backpack, and makes an awesome travel buddy. It has three rotating feet that help to knead out knots. It is battery operated so you won't have to worry about charging it, and it is super quiet, making it possible to use it while traveling without disturbing other people.

Whether looking for an option for your office chair, or your recliner, this massage cushion can get out those tight knots in your entire back. It has three rolling massage zones as well as a vibrating seat and heat therapy. It is easily controlled by the remote that's attached, so you can never lose it.

If you are particularly plagued by neck and upper back pain, you may prefer a neck massager like this one that really digs into the tough muscles of your neck and shoulders. It has two kneading balls that sit on opposite sides of the neck, and can be set to go both clockwise and counterclockwise, and have three speed settings. It also has heat to help loosen up those muscles.