Foreo Iris Eye Massager Review

2022-05-28 15:20:00 By : Ms. kelly liao

Along with feeling amazing overall, my eyes started to look markedly less puffy after a few days.

After working in front of a computer for long hours every day, my eyebags look more like suitcases than they do bags. While my grandma used cucumber slices to reduce eye swelling, I wanted something a little more effective and modern to combat my undereye obstacles. It was time for a foray into uncharted waters—beauty tech. I was introduced to the Swedish brand Foreo, which has garnered a cult following with its innovative skincare and wellness devices. The Foreo Iris is touted as a mechanical version of an eye massage. It claims to increase circulation to invigorate skin, diminish dark circles, and minimize eye bags. Since eye massage seems best left to professionals, I thought to give it a shot.

When it arrived, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at what I ordered ( was it sex toy? laser gun?). It’s made from BPA-free, hygienic silicone, and uses T-sonic technology to emit gentle pulsations. But using it on my eye area felt Aaah-mazing, so I was instantly hooked. It’s only one minute to use, twice daily. Even with my commitment issues, that’s been manageable. It’s used while applying eye cream, (it enhances eye cream absorption, as an additional benefit) so it’s also kept me more regular with moisturizing. There are videos online, and a smartphone app with tutorials, so it was very easy to learn how to use.

It was so simple, I thought, what could this possibly be accomplishing? Since it’s based on lymphatic massage techniques, it stimulates the right places to drain fluids, yet stays gentle enough to not irritate the eyes. Sometimes, in this pollen-laden season, I even use it a little further below my eyes to relieve sinus pressure. It’s so relaxing! Along with feeling amazing, my eyes started to look markedly less puffy after a few days. What surprised me was that my hooded eyelids started to look more taunt, the skin around my eyes is healthier, and may I say…firmer? The effects are cumulative and get better the longer I use it.

I shouldn’t be shocked; Foreo is known for its game-changing microcurrent devices, like the Bear and Luna, which are super effective at gently stimulating facial muscles to help lift sagging areas and freshen the complexion. If you also have concerns about swelling around your eyes, signs of aging, or just love a relaxing eye massage – pick up the Foreo Iris!

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